Athletic Training

Adapted to the specific requirements and needs for our athletes from different respective sport, our training program during an offseason or even in a full year of support will help you to become a better athlete. Next to nutrition, regeneration and mental strength, a solid athletic training is key in many sports these days. We build on sustainable cooperation and develop our athletes in all those areas.

Teams, groups or as an individual, training sessions are here in Zug or at your preferred location

Time upon agreement.

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Personal Training

Whatever your goal is – we guide and help you with individual specifically for your needs designed training sessions on your way to success.

Strength, endurance, speed, coordination or simply fitness in general with us you are in very good hands. Our experiences from high performance sports and the latest scientific research data will help you achieving your goals.

Training session here in Zug or at your preferred location. Time upon agreement.


Personal training CHF 150.- / h

Group training and corporate fitness upon agreement.

Swim Training

In cooperation with the swimming school Baar we offer private swimming lessons.  The sessions take place at the swimming pool Lättich in Baar.

If you want to take your swimming skills up to the next level get in touch with us now.

Prices (without entrance) are according to the swimming school of Baar.

1 person:        45min / CHF 90.-

2 persons:      45min / CHF 100.-

Time upon agreement.


Are you preparing for your next Gigathlon, Ironman, Triathlon or swimming competition? For triathletes and swimmers we offer specific and monthly swimming programs in order to help you reach your personal goals. In addition, we advise you on how to schedule your sessions during the week to make sure you have the right balance between training and recovery.

Get in touch with us now and we are happy to discuss your arrangement in person.


Physis ist im Unihockeysport inzwischen genauso wichtig wie Technik und Taktik. Damit Breitensportler auch bei geringem Trainingsaufwand optimale Ergebnisse erzielen, brauchen sie besonders professionelle Trainingsmethoden. Thomas Weber wendet diese zweimal pro Woche in exakt auf die Athlethen und deren sportartspezifischen Anforderungen abgestimmte Trainings an. Ich kann 100% auf Thomas Weber zählen und mich auf das Technik- und Taktiktraining von inzwischen physisch starken Spielern konzentrieren.
Michael EgliTrainer 2. Liga GFUHC JW Sursee ’86 - Unihockey